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Post Duke-Carolina: Kendall Marshal

After watching the Duke-Carolina game we learned a lot about both teams. Once again, we learned that Duke relies too heavily on their perimeter game and their inside presence is close to zero. The Plumbley brothers are too weak and show no will to bang with Zellars and are too unathletic to keep up with Henson. Duke must be able to stop the inside game if they want to advance out of the second round of the NCAA tournament which is right around the corner.

Most importantly, we learned that Carolina is for real. Yes, they had a slow start to the season but the departure of former Carolina point guard Larry Drew was a blessing in disguise. They are on a roll now and Kendall Marshall is everything and more that they needed to turn their season around.

Since Marshall has took the keys they have only lost one game, to Duke in the first matchup, and he has been the catalyst that has set off Harrison Barnes mid season turn around from a slow start. The way that Marshall is able to control the tempo of the game and raise the game of others around him is not comparable for a Freshman point guard is years.

Marshall made Duke players look dumbfounded the way he zipped the ball through cracks of a tightly covered defense. The way that Marshall has been playing and raises his teammates talents around him makes you wonder how deep this Tarheel Tourney run will be in just a few weeks.




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